Keith Butterfield

Keith has been farming oysters in Maine for 7 years.  His passion for our oceans became a driving force behind moving to full time oyster farming.  His background in medical and surgical instruments lends well to the entrepreneurial aspects of solving the biology, technology and process challenges on our farm.


Farm Manager

Austin Donnelly

Austin graduated from the University of Colorado in 2019 with a passion for business, start-ups and accelerated learning.  He quickly took a leadership role in the daily operations making efficiency and safety top priorities.


Farm Worker

Philip Butterfield

Our Dad helped Keith launch the farm in 2013, working daily on the water during the early years, helping with biofouling control, boat skills and other stuff you learn from Dad.  As a father of 5 girls and 3 boys, Philip taught us how to work hard and be fair, values that continue to underpin the business today.


Director of Marketing

Karen Butterfield

During her career in sustainable energy, Karen led teams big and small in energy efficiency, solar and battery storage.  She developed skills in sales, marketing, public policy and new product introductions that directly applied to the chaotic growth of multiple start ups.  Her focus is to help us drive up the demand for our oysters from chefs and foodies everywhere.


Social Media

Danielle Donnelly

Danielle joined our team in 2020 to help us get the message out about how delicious our Royals are and also how good they are for Maine and for the ocean.   Danielle works in sustainability in NYC, using her BA from UConn in political science by day and using her social media super powers on the farm at night.

Offices at 17 Haskell Ave., Raymond, ME 04071