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We Care About Our Ocean

Our mission is to build an ocean cultivation business that positively impacts the health of the Maine coastline. We will always strive to build a safe and rewarding place to work where the health of our employees and the health of the marine ecosystem are at the core of our business decisions. We're just getting started.

With the altruistic hopes of building protected oyster reefs in Casco Bay, I began growing oysters with the help of my father as a fun learning project. During this time I also performed water testing for Friends of Casco Bay. I learned a lot about the Maine coastline and our Casco Bay waters.


If you're going to grow a delicious oyster then you need to find the right water. The environment where an oyster grows will influence the taste. The salinity of the water, the minerals present in the substrate and the flora that surrounds the oyster will all play a role in the taste. We spent a lot of time looking for the perfect spot and when we found it, we dedicated ourselves to growing our oysters with all of the love and care that they deserve. Our oysters are cultivated in the cold waters of Casco Bay off the coast of Maine. Our family farm is nestled in between Little Moshier and Moshier Islands where life is plentiful below the surface and beautiful sea grasses surround our oysters. When you enjoy one of our plump and delicious Butterfields, you will experience a complex flavor profile that includes a fresh ocean brininess (medium) with a clean and bright finish.

It's a privilege to share our Maine Oysters with you.  Enjoy!




Heading to The Farm


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